about YouCam Makeup.

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YouCam Makeup app: For all the women out there, who desire to look like their favorite super model and are trying so hard for...


Spice Dream UNO gets Android 5.1

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Many people, who bought the Android One phones, thought that the collaboration of the Smartphone makers with Google will help them in keeping updated....
Podo – The First Stick and Shoot Camera

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There is a hardly a person in this big world, who isn’t crazy about clicking selfies! Be it the young or the old, everyone...

Products Reviews

Flic wireless buttons control smartphone functions at a click

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Earlier one could control almost everything in their homes simply with their smartphones however what about when needs to control their smartphone? To solve...
This new mattress cover called “Luna” ensures that users get better sleep at night.

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A giant step in the smart sleep technology is the new Luna smart mattress cover that is capable of more than being a mere...
A projector that turns any flat surface into a screen

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Whenever the word projector pops up in any conversation, the mind instantly starts thinking up of a huge device that has to be installed,...
Toshiba’s electric Bus and Ozone generators based on IoT

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Toshiba has always been looking forward on new ways to make use of the clean energy, as part of their corporate philosophy of Human...

Social Media

Twitter has now finally released an official Twitter plugin for WordPress

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Twitter might have become one of the most popular social networking platform, but nobody thought that it would release a official Twitter WordPress plug...
Viber Released a Set of Viber Games for Android and iOS

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While the other instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp are concentrating on enrolling the voice calling feature, Viber on the other hand has launched...
a Tinder for Pets

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Buzzfeed, the American new media company has launched an app called the ‘ Cute or not app ’, which in similar in functionality as...
Mark Zuckerberg at launch of Facebook Ad Manager

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Just after its recent announcement that more than 2 million businesses are now advertising via Facebook, the popular social networking platform has now come...

Random Articles

trim your videos using the YouTube Android app

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When it comes to online video, there is the one and only YouTube. Whether you are looking for a quick how-to like how to remove...
5G to give you 1 TB speed

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Just when the people were obsessed with the 4G internet service technology, nobody thought that the 5G service will be made available so soon....